Battery Charging Impossible Warning Message

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There is warning on the dash that appears from time to time proclaiming ‘Battery Charging Impossible’, also knowns as the dreaded RNOD - the Red Nose of Death. Apparently this is a poor translation for ‘Battery Charging Failed’ and refers to the last charging attempt. It’s thought to occur when the charging station that you have been trying to use is poorly earthed, or there is some other fault associated with it, and the conventional wisdom is that you should go and try a different charging spot.

Battery Charging Impossible.jpg

However, you won’t be able to charge until the ‘Battery Charging Impossible’ warning is cleared. The process for clearing the warning is not documented in any of the manuals, but it’s relatively simple and this is how you do it:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Remove the charger cable
  3. Lock up the car and wait until the car completely powers down, which takes about 6 minutes
  4. Unlock the car - the error should now be cleared

If you are sitting in the car during step 3., then you can follow the shut-down sequence as described in the first of the links below. “After about 3 minutes, you will hear a soft click and the little LED in the lock button on the top side of the R-Link will go off, as will the auxiliary power. Then, after about another minute or two, you will hear a second, soft relay click. Then, wait another minute. Then CANbus will go to sleep, but there is no indication for that, just wait out that minute.”

If you are having problem with clearing the ‘Battery Charging Impossible’ warning, then some further things to try are described in the following pages.

If you cannot clear the ‘Battery Charging Impossible’ error it may indicate a hardware problem, and you may need to seek the services of a Renault service centre.