Changing Units from Imperial to Metric

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The following instructions are for changing the car's units from imperial (miles, miles per hour) to metric (kilometres, kilometres per hour). Note that you may also need to do this if your 12 V battery is ever disconnected.

  • Unlock the car
  • Push (1) the menu button (…) on the windscreen wiper stalk and (2) the start button at the same time
  • Keep pressed - the display will flash and change to kilometres per hour (or vice versa)
  • Do not release the buttons until the display stops flashing

This last step is important - it will change to kilometres per hour while flashing and the temptation is to release the buttons, at which point the display reverts back to miles per hour.

This youtube video is not for a Zoe (rather a Renault Grand Scenic), but the process is very similar.