Dead Leaf - Won't start or charge

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Most issues with a dead leaf seem to involve the 12 volt battery.

The 12 volt battery is used to boot up the cars computers.

If the car's computers can't boot, then the car can't accept charging from the main charger port.


1. Get the 12 volt checked / replaced 2. Jump start the 12 volt from another car, that should let your car boot up and then it will be able to accept charge from the main charging port.


Some leaf cars have a solar panel on the back, it's job it to trickle charge the 12 volt.

If your car has no solar panel then the 12 volt gets charges when the main "traction" battery gets charged.

The red '12V Charging Warning' light can also stay on for a completely different reason. If you didn't have a foot on the brake pedal when you pressed the Power button, you may get the '12V Charging Warning' light and be unable to select Drive. In that case, turn off, put a foot on the brake pedal, and turn back on.