Driving efficiently

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Have a look at your km/kw

Press the top left of the four buttons by just above the charging flap release until you see km/kw.

This will show you how many kilometres every kilowatt is giving you.

Hold the same button down to reset it.

It'll probably have a number between 5 & 7 depending on how you drive.


1) Treat the Leaf like a video game, learning how to maximize your efficiency as you practice

2) Use EV Mode with Energy Screen showing on the Navigator screen

3) Charge to 80% when feasible (I alway do this), since you will have regen available right away (if needed) instead of waiting until the battery discharges significantly

4) Accelerate gently from stops (usually up to 10 KW, occasionally up to 20 KW)

5) Look ahead at the speed of traffic and the next 1-2 stoplights. Note whether the lights are "stale" (have been green for a while and likely to change soon) so you can anticipate when you are likely to need to slow down or stop. Use just enough power so that you can end up coasting up to stopped traffic, or using a minimal amount of regen to slow when necessary.

6) Once you are up to cruising speed, feather the accelerator so that you are either coasting (zero on energy screen) or using just a slight amount of power to keep speed constant

7) Don't let off the accelerator enough to invoke regen unless you need to slow down. This just wastes power unnecessarily.

8) When you need to use regen, use it over a long enough distance that you don't max out on regen and end up needing to apply the brakes also

9) Use the brakes only when the above techniques have failed to slow you enough or you have to stop (absent an unexpected stops, brakes should usually only be needed below 15 kph).

10) Don't be concerned if people race by you, and occasionally--and rudely--honk. If you are driving with maximum efficiency you will likely see them stopped very soon waiting at a light. I often pass the people who raced up to the light in another lane and are waiting there, stopped.

11) Be frugal with Aircon.