How to set a Leaf's time zone

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Purpose and background

This applies to used Leafs imported from Japan, but not to the 30kWh version with the updated head unit (according to [1]).

You would do this either to get the car into NZ time, or to go in or out of daylight savings.

The GPS aerial should already have been disconnected from back of the nav unit. Otherwise, your time zone change may be undone automatically.


Starting with the audio system off, press the MAP button (top left) 3 times, then press the audio power button (bottom right) 2 times, and then press the MAP button 1 more time.

Touch the menu option highlighted here: Leaf-TZ-step-2.png

Scroll down and touch the menu option highlighted here: Leaf-TZ-step-3.png

Adjust the time zone (shown here as PM 6) with the '-' and '+' buttons, and then save your changes by touching the button highlighted here: Leaf-TZ-step-4.png

To exit, repeatedly touch the on-screen button in the top right corner.


This page is based on [2], which in turn looks like it came from a Sri Lanka Leaf users' group.