Jacking your Zoe

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In the Zoe manual, there is no mention of where to place a jack when removing a wheel, presumably because the car is not supplied with a spare wheel.

However, this is mentioned in other documents. For example, in the document “New Product, Renault Zoe, Trainee Booklet, Mechanical Training” (2011), it states that there are “specific points on the Renault ZOE chassis that must be used for lifting the vehicle.” And the following diagram is provided.

Lifting points.png

Alternative images found (unknown source) provide higher resolution alternatives:

Jacking points 1.jpg

Jacking points 2.jpg

Jacking points 3.jpg

Note that the trainee booklet also specifies that one must “not install any vehicle jacking components: - under the high voltage cable routings - under the traction battery.” And the following diagram is provided (where presumably the parts to avoid are the bits in red):

Where not to jack.png