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Tyre Pressures

Unscientifically..... - my car was doing about 5.5km/kW at about 38PSI.... - upped it to 45PSI and I now get 6.6km/kW.

Gen 1

From facebook....

Gosh, it's dependent on a number of things. I can get 100kms on a smooth flat road, like the Hauraki plains, about 80 on the poor, hilly roads of the far north and about 110 around Auckland.

I get about 90-95km on a 100% charge at open road speeds.

105 km is the most I've done, with a bar or two left at that point. So probably 120 km for round town driving with minimal hills

I get about 90km/charge - But that hilly as - driving with the aircon on

Some days I get 75-80 and others I get 110, but most often between 80-90, I mostly use flat open roads.

Gen 2 - 24kw

Gen 2 - 30kw