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The Standard Renault EVSE

Renault are a little bit different in that they do not provide a portable EVSE as standard. The list price for their 10 amp “occasional use” EVSE is £560. Given that the Zoe is pretty inefficient when charging at 10 amps, especially if you have a Q210 or Q90 model, you might be better off spending your money on and EVSE that can you vary the power.

Single Phase EVSEs

Available in New Zealand

Make Model Distributor Comment
Charge Amps RAY Blue cars Have these been used on a Zoe locally?

Available from Overseas

22kW EVSEs

One of the benefits of owning a Renault Zoe is that depending on the model it’s capable of charging at 22kW (Q210/Q90 models) or 43kW AC (R240/R90 models). This means if you have access to a three phase socket with a 22kW EVSE you can charge your Zoe at under an hour (for a 22 kW Zoe) without having to rely on anyone else’s charging infrastructure!

There are a number of 22kW EVSEs on the market

  1. NRGkick by DiniTech GmbH (Austria) - http://www.nrgkick.com
  2. EVR3 - http://www.e-station-store.com/en/portable-charging-stations/36-evr3-type-2-max-22-kw-portable-charging-station.html
  3. Maxicharger - http://www.automobile-propre.com/boutique/29-maxicharger
  4. AGT Combo - http://gyorstoltok.hu/termek/agt-combo-type2-easy-elektromos-auto-tolto/
  5. go-eCharger- https://go-e.co/en/

As an example, you can see a comparison between the NRGkick and the Maxicharger here (although it is in German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAxVdNtO1j8

I went with the NRGkick unit because:

  • Positive feedback from other users on the UK Renault Zoe Facebook page (there was no feedback on any of the other units)
  • With the Bluetooth capability it is possible to see how much energy the system is drawing
  • Being able to control the charging process (from 6A – 32A in 1A steps) over your smartphone allows you to adjust your charging process to a photovoltaic system (although the Zoe cannot charge below about 10 amps)
  • It uses a genuine Mennekes cable
  • It’s the most professional looking unit
  • While the unit is more expensive than the other options, the adaptors are much cheaper, so it works out much the same once adapters are included
  • They can supply the unit with either a European three phase 32A CEE plug or the NZ-appropriate 3 phase plug. However, the problem about going with the NZ three phase plug is that making up adapters with a NZ three phase inline socket is an expensive proposition. So I stuck with the three phase 32A CEE plug, so that any adaptors I need, I can use the relatively inexpensive CEE three phase socket. Note that NRGkick supplied these to me for 15 Euro.
  • They can supply an adapter with an NZ 3112 plug on request, so one less to make up