Real World Zoe Driving in New Zealand Conditions

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Have you taken your Zoe on an NZ Road Trip? Share your adventures here!

ZE40 Road Trip in the Upper South Island

We took our 41 kWh Zoe (Q90) on the open road over the Christmas break during the summer 2017/2018. Driving over a varied terrain, with an open road cruising speed of 96 km/h in Eco mode, the summer-time open road efficiency varied between 6.0 to 6.5 km/kWh (15.4-16.7 kWh/100 km), implying a range of between 246 km - 265 km. This was driving with two adults, two teenagers, and the car packed to the brim with stuff.

There was one leg whose efficiency was outside of this range, and that was the Christchurch to Cass leg, where the efficiency was 5.0 km/kWh (20 kWh/100km). This leg involved a gain in elevation of 740 metres. Raising a car this altitude consumes around 12 MJ (3 kWh) of energy. Without the ability to get any regeneration until the next leg, no surprise to see this drop in efficiency. At this efficiency, the implied range is only 204 km.

Summer Driving 2017-2018.png