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Zoe Forums

If you're thinking of buying a Renault Zoe and/or importing one from the UK, then you might like to do some research and ask some questions on the following forums.

Renault Zoe Owners & Z.E. Club – Has a forum - - and Facebook page -

My Renault Zoe - - personal blog with forum and more

SpeakEV – an EV forum that has a Zoe-specific area -

Zoe Terminology

If you are researching a Zoe purchase or reading some of the Zoe forums, you are likely to come across the following terms.

CanZE – The CanZE is for the Zoe what LeafSpy is to the Leaf, although it does not have all the capabilities of LeafSpy. It runs on Android devices using a Bluetooth OBD dongle, and for the iPhone using a Wi-Fi OBD dongle.

EVSE – Stands for electric vehicle supply equipment, and refers to any piece of equipment that is used to charge electric vehicles. Also known as charging stations or charging points. The word ‘charger’ is avoided, as the charger is often contained within the car. In a residential setting, an EVSE may refer to the portable, charging ‘brick’ that typically charges your car from a house-hold supply, or it may refer to a permanently mounted wall unit capable of higher currents.

Granny cable – the 10 A portable EVSE. The Renault Zoe is unusual amongst EVs in that it doesn’t come with a portable EVSE as standard. You can buy one for about £500, and are known colloquially in the UK as a ‘granny cable’, as in ‘you take it with you to charge your car when you go and visit your granny’.

PCP - or Personal Contract Purchase is a finance option for purchasing cars, and is a common way of buying a Zoe in the UK, and so you'll hear existing owners talking about it. Unlike a normal loan, one doesn't pay off the full value of the car and one doesn’t own it at the end of the period (unless you choose to). The period is normally 24 or 36 months, and the amount paid is based on how much the finance company predicts the car will lose in value over this term.

Q210 – the original 65 kW synchronous electric motor supplied by Continental (a leading German automotive manufacturing company) with an NEDC range of 210 km. Renamed for the 2017 release as the Q90.

Q90 – see Q210.

R240 – produced since mid 2015, a smaller electric motor developed and manufactured in-house. It has the same power and torque that the Q210 unit with an extended NEDC cycle range of 240 km. However, the Q210 is still used in the “rapid charging” versions (up to 43 kW) of the Zoe as the R240 does not allow quick charging (only up to 22 kW). Renamed for the 2017 release as the R90.

R90 – see R240.

R-Link – The embedded 7” central console with touch screen. Includes TomTom GPS navigation system, hands-free Bluetooth for calls, displays energy data, music, etc.

R-Link Store - A catalogue of products compatible with the R-Link, such as TomTom maps. Additionally, R-Link updates can be performed via the R-Link Store.

Renault ZE – represents the line-up of battery electric cars from Renault, where Z.E. stands for Zero Emission. The line-up includes the Zoe, Kangoo and Twizy.

Usable Battery – Renault quotes useable battery capacity (in kWh) rather that total battery capacity. Zoe’s 22 kWh is made with 192 LG Chem cells, each with 36 Ah and 3.75 V. The total battery capacity is therefore 25.92 kWh (192 x 36 Ah x 3.75 V). Interesting presentation on the battery and the new R240 motor in 2015 is shown here:

ZE40 – a descriptor for the 41 kWh Zoe released as a right-hand drive model in early 2017.

Zoe i – in the UK the addition of the ‘i' to the model name means that the battery is purchased with the car, ie the battery is not on lease.