Rules for Holding a Record Event

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Rules when attempting to set the record for the Largest Gathering of EVs in New Zealand

Major Category:

  1. Registerable EVs

(This is the primary contest, and the one for media, bragging rights, etc.)

Minor Categories:

  1. All-Comers
  2. Whatever your imagination would like to think up, eg BEVs, Blue Leafs, electric conversions, e-bikes (if you don’t manage to take the big one, hoefully you can claim to have taken some other prize).

Rules for the Registerable EVs Category

  1. A vehicle needs to have a plug or socket to qualify (eg battery electric vehicle, plugin hybrid). A standard hybrid does not qualify. A pair of terminals is sufficient for the all-comers category (see below).
  2. A vehicle needs to have the capacity to be used for private passenger transportation, such as cars and motorbikes. A public bus is excluded (public transport), but an electric house bus would be included. A forklift is excluded (not for passenger transportation). An electric taxi is included as it has the potential to be used for private transportation even if it is currently configured otherwise.
  3. Registerable means that the vehicle is either registered (has a vehicle licence) or has the potential to be registered (with a vehicle licence) without there being any major obstacles preventing this from occurring. All vehicles are assumed to be road worthy. A vehicle with a dealer plate qualifies, as does an EV that is used on a farm but registration may have lapsed. A vintage that was once used on the road but is still operable would count, as long as it is as roadworthy as it was in its day (eg, a vintage BEV may not have seat belts). An e-bike does not qualify, as they are not registerable.
  4. Vehicle needs to operate, carry people and be physically present. A vehicle may be transported to the event on the back of a trailer, but it needs to be taken off the trailer and shown to operate. A drone does not count (doesn’t carry people).
  5. The idea is to have fun, help promote EVs in NZ, and not take any of this too seriously! So if there is some ambiguity to the rules, then use that ambiguity to your advantage and count the vehicle in.

Remember that the greatest pleasure for any record holder is that the record is broken in as short a time as possible – that is a sign of success!

Rules for All-Comers Category

  1. Rules 2) and 3) of the “Rules for Registerable EVs don’t apply”. So e-bikes, electric buses, forklifts, segways, electric wheel chairs, hoverboards, electric jet-packs – count ‘em all. Motorised chilly bins do not qualify as their primary function is not to carry people.
  2. All other rules still apply.

Suggestions on the day

  • Have a system for counting the vehicles to avoid double counting and to avoid missing any one out
  • Record as much information as possible, for example makes and models of all vehicles present
  • Have a special section to parade and celebrate the electric conversions – don’t forget it was them who kept the faith going for about 100 years
  • Organise a coffee cart to be there
  • Invite the media, offer test drives, and have fun

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