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Crash Video

Leaf Crash Test

5 Star tests

Leaf NZ & Auzzie ratings (5 Star)

Euro Rating (5 Star)

Both of the above Safety Tests were done on the European model of the Leaf. The European Leaf comes with dual front airbags, side airbags and head-protecting side curtains as standard equipment for all three models. The Japanese local market Leafs, that we get in New Zealand as Japanese Imports, have an option to buy them with only the dual front airbags fitted. It seems that this a popular choice in Japan as most of the Japanese Import Leafs only have dual front airbags installed.

Poor rating for small frontal offset

If you have a crash in a Leaf with a small offset at the front, the passenger compartment can be compromised.

(i.e. If you're gonna hit something, hit it full frontal so forces can be dissipated by the cars structure)

USA (Poor rating for small overlap test)