Things to consider when buying a Leaf

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How far will it go?

Gen 1 = 95-110km

Gen 2 - 24kw = 140-150km

Gen 2 - 30kw = 170-180km

Other things to look at

From Facebook - Alan Wilden... Check for rust on the nuts on the top of the suspension. Drivers side especially. Also. Make sure the center display has an SD card in it. Ask them to put a 14MHz Band Expander in it for FM and ask them to supply you with an 8AMP and a 15A EVSE (charging box) Have them drain the battery to about 10 or 15% and check the pack on leafspy pro again.

One reason that the rust develops faster on the driver's side is that water can drip straight into the area from a windscreen wiper pivot.

How to use Leaf Spy to review a car before purchase

(This needs a detailed answer)

Short answer is look at SOH (State of Health), 100% is a good battery.

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