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Summary of some of the differences.:

Sir Lanka - Know Your Leaf

24kw ve 30kw

Gen 1 vs Gen 2

From facebook....

Depends on the spec. If you're looking at the bottom spec S then there's not much difference other than you're getting a newer car with a less tired battery. For higher specs, you add the heat pump climate control which saves a significant amount of energy so the car has improved range despite the battery being the same size. There's also a slightly bigger boot because the onboard charger was moved from the boot to under the bonnet. Just a whole bunch of refinements that improve the car overall. More details can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Leaf#2013_model_year

Gen 1 = 3.3kw onboard charger

Gen 2 = 3.6kw Japan, 3.6 kW or 6.6. kW UK onboard charger = 2 x faster charging for the right hand charging port at ("slow chargers")

Leaf Spy - The tool that will let you see the leaf's battery health.

UK Imports


Japanese Imports

Some have a solar panel that charges the 12 volt "computer" battery. Some have cruise control, reversing camera etc..... (to fill in)

S SPec ...

G SPec