Where to Charge a Zoe

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Depending on your model of Zoe, you will be able to charge at up to 22 kW (for the R240/R90) or at up to 43 kW (for the Q210/Q90) at an AC Type 2 charging station.

Filtering by Type 2 charging stations on PlugShare is a little problematic as you are unable to filter by the charging stations' power. Depending on the power source of the charging station, the power output of a Type 2 charging station may be as little as 3.7 kW or as much as 43 kW.

In order to help with trip planning, when you might be interested in the location of the higher-powered ones, the following map shows Type 2 charging stations in NZ that are at 22 kW or above.

As well as the screen shot below, you can also access the map here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fyyRekPPsXdu42HUjyKS6qPCoAk&usp=sharing.

Note: you should still check on PlugShare for any specific details of a charging station, such as hours of availability. This is particularly important for non-public charging stations.

The map below was last updated: 21/4/2018 - for a more up-to-date map follow the link here to Google maps

Type 2 Charging Stations in NZ at or above 22 kW.png