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We launched this Wiki in September 2016 with great hopes of a shared resource for anyone who wanted to come and edit it for the benefit of us all.

Very quickly about 10 EV enthusiasts helped add content and make it awesome.

Then, by November word had spread to russia, and within a month 20,000 russian viagra fans had edited themselves into our WiKi.

How to become an editor

We've now had to manually approve editors, really all you have to do is email or facebook message one of the existing users and prove you're an EV fan.... :-)

[List of current users :]

Your message should state your mobile number and the name of the best rugby ream in the world.

There are 3 levels of access to the EV-Wiki.

Administrators (can really mess stuff up)

Users - (can edit the wiki) - and can create new users. (So once you're a user, you can create new users)

Everyone else (can view the wiki) - no account needed

Cheers Mac